DoCuMenTaTiOn DoEsN’T MatTer

Ho. Lee. Fuck.

Two fucking days. Two mother-fucking shit-eating stupid-waste-of-time days…

Technically, the last couple of hours of one day and all of another.

Lost. Gone to the great timekeeper in the sky.

There’s something about “assume” and “making an ass out of ‘u’ and me…”

Where does this come from? Thanks for asking! Thomas Bradshaw at Atlassian provided the most helpful response I’ve seen in two days’ research (I’m not the OP). A huge thank-you to Thomas for that information. Usually, I find myself learning as I go, often with no internal support for anything new that needs to happen. I’m a lone wolf by circumstance, not by choice per se.

I started writing this as a rant against substandard documentation. The developers or technical writers could have (and probably should have) written clearer documentation. I might not have lost two days otherwise. However, reading through some of the code examples again for this post, I realized I glossed over content. Nothing like a mouthful of crow. Mmmm.

Now I don’t get to complain about the documentation, developers, or technical writers…

Instead, I have to express my frustration at myself. I read through the great walkthrough GitConnected provides. Somehow, I repeatedly miss the reference to executing the zip command from the bitbucket-pipelines.yml file.

As important as writing good documentation is, reading comprehension matters. Take the time, when learning something new, to slow down a bit. Often, you can find the extra information you need in code samples. Take the time to read. You might surprise yourself.

That aside…

Developers and technical writers, do us all (including yourselves) a favor…

Write better documentation.

I know, I know…I don’t like to, either. But together we can make the world a better place…or whatever tripe the tech bros spew these days.

Seriously. Take that extra little bit of time.

Now get out there, and make me fucking proud.